The RAAS Edge Feb 2018
Gold Coast Lifestyle Destination
The RAAS Edge Nov 2016
Jobs Growth To Continue
The RAAS Edge July 2016
The Gold Coast An Historical Perspective
The RAAS Edge March 2016
Surfers Paradise Magnet
The RAAS Edge November 2015
Meeting the Challenge
Gold Coast Bulletin 28 November 2015
Southern comfort beckons
Gold Coast Bulletin 16 October 2015
Coast land values ease
Gold Coast Bulletin 12 September 2015
Time for a change at the Marriott
Gold Coast Bulletin 29 August 2015
Slow shift from unit car space
Gold Coast Bulletin 22 August 2015
Chinese a long-term prospect
Gold Coast Bulletin 1 Aug 2015
Investor interest to spike
Gold Coast Bulletin 1 August 2015
They'll be flavour of month
Gold Coast Bulletin 29 June 2015
Coast is very hot property
Gold Coast Bulletin 16 May 2015
Scenic Rim falls behind in prices
Gold Coast Bulletin 28 March 2015
Light rail opens fresh fields
Gold Coast Bulletin 7 February 2015
Surprise Packet Yatala
Gold Coast Bulletin Jan 2015
Urban Renewal Fires Up Southport Sales
Courier Mail 18 Oct 2014
Waterfront running out
Gold Coast Bulletin 11 October 2014
New estates break land drought
Gold Coast Bulletin 16 Sep 2014
Property market surge
Gold Coast Bulletin 15 Aug 2014
Councillor wants micro-apartments
The Weekend Australian 26-27 April 2014
Of course it's about the views - Few people who build and buy golf real estate play the game...
Gold Coast Bulletin 22 March 2014
Next big thing is small - The Gold Coast needs to rethink its approach to small lots...
Gold Coast Bulletin 16 October 2013
Hot suburbs to rise
Gold Coast Bulletin 5 September 2013
Hilton owners see huge drops
Gold Coast Business News September 2013
Unit demand poised to turn
Gold Coast Business News August 2013
Apartment appetite rising
Gold Coast Bulletin 27 July 2013
All aboard for a market revival - Suburbs on the light rail route...
Southport Towards Twenty 18 - July 2013
Southport looking forward
Gold Coast Bulletin 22 June 2013
Soul apartments fetch higher prices
Gold Coast Bulletin 8 June 2013
Chinese rush high-end sector
Gold Coast Bulletin 4 May 2013
Old homes get the nod over new
Gold Coast Bulletin 4 March 2013
High dollar and rotten weather pours cold water on confidence
Gold Coast Bulletin 2 March 2013
Strong summer sales lift hopes for autumn
UDIA Urban Developer Issue 1 2013
Resources sector update
UDIA Developers Digest Issue 4 2012
Urban renewal becomes more challenging - Sydney has seen significant urban renewal...
UDIA Urban Developer Issue 3 2012
Townsville's inner city market
API Magazine March 2012 - Maitland
In a sweet spot
API Magazine March 2012 - Gold Coast
Gold, silver or bronze? - The Commonwealth Games...
Gold Coast Business News February 2012
Affordable apartments to drive market
UDIA Developers Digest Issue 1 2012
Snapshot of Sydney's changing dwelling mix
Gold Coast Bulletin 3 December 2011
Summer sales heat up
Business Review Weekly 10-16 November 2011
Gold Coast lacks lustre
UDIA Urban Developer Issue 5 2011
Boost delivers some relief and some pain
The Weekend Australian 1-2 October 2011
Gateway to the good life - Gated communites are luxurious...
Gold Coast Bulletin 2 July 2011
UDIA celebrates female achievers
UDIA Urban Developer Issue 3 2011
Quality and price drive sales activity - in the Northern Corridor
Gold Coast Bulletin 28 June 2011
Strong growth forecast for city's northern suburbs
Gold Coast Bulletin 28 May 2011
Quality proves the key to winter sales
Gold Coast Bulletin 14 May 2011
Northern corridor drives growth
Australian Financial Review 26 April 2011
Hard hit oceanfront areas wait for the sea-changers
Gold Coast Bulletin 19 February 2011
Baby boomers find flexibility
Gold Coast Bulletin 8 February 2011
Unit slump costs Coast - A lack of new Gold Coast apartments for sale...
UDIA Urban Developer Issue 1 2011
A year of recovery - In the wake of the flood crisis...
Hervey Bay City Independent 10 December 2010
Government must assist job creation...
Gold Coast Bulletin 3 December 2010
Need for regional investment
Gold Coast Bulletin 7 November 2010
Coyne says confidence is the key
Gold Coast Bulletin 5 November 2010
Property prospects rise - for the Gold Coast economy
Gold Coast Business News October 2010
Is Queensland the new INVESTOR'S PARADISE?
Gold Coast Bulletin 4 September 2010
Tweed has all the aces
Gold Coast Bulletin September 2010
Gold Coasters can look on the bright side
Gold Coast Bulletin 16 September 2010
Vendors' reality cheque
Business Acumen Queensland June 2010
Interstate migration kills 'the golden goose'
Courier Mail 16 April 2010
High land prices tipped to scare away southerners
Gold Coast Business News April 2010
Opportunities build in prestige residential market
Gold Coast Bulletin 31 March 2010
Property leader wants return to Joh's 'golden goose' era
Courier Mail 13 February 2010
Price time bomb tipped - Southeast Queensland home prices...
Gold Coast Bulletin 27 November 2009
Dream out of reach for most buyers - skyrocketing land prices...
Gold Coast Bulletin July 2009
Forward thinking is the key - job creation, infrastructure and affordable central housing are the challenges...
Gold Coast Business News May 2009
Population growth to impact property
Gold Coast Bulletin 29 April 2009
It's boom and gloom: jobs, infrastructure and housing...
Gold Coast Sun 29 April 2009
Jobs hub turns up the heat - Boom suburb Southport...
Gold Coast Bulletin 25-26 April 2009
Thinking outside the box - for a new generation of retirees
Gold Coast Bulletin 20 April 2009
Luncheon is all about the future
Courier Mail 18-19 April 2009
Townsville's prospects positive
Gold Coast Bulletin Metropolis April 09
Development charges drive investment to savvy rival city
Property Council Residential Developer April 2009
Market shifts for the new retiree
Gold Coast Bulletin 14 February 2009
A different approach - a new generation of retirees ... demands new options
Gold Coast Bulletin 6 February 2009
Office market needs rethink
Sunshine Coast Daily 3 January 2009
Golf course estates feature green heart
Gold Coast Bulletin January 2009
Pimpama growth tip - The Gold Coast's swelling population will continue to push north...
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Markets Stabilise in the Wake of Stricter Lending
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